Storytelling with Objects

An Introduction to Object Puppetry Workshop
Presented by LoHiFi Productions

“All you need is stuff, a flat surface, and someone to watch.”

Image by Lee Wong

Chris Little and Theo Pitsiavas are LoHiFi, and the creative duo behind the acclaimed puppetry in the Halifax production of The Pillowman.

“The puppetry by LoHiFi (Theo Pitsiavas and Chris Little) is amazing and ranges from the thrill of miniature objects in a set duplicating the Bus Stop Theatre’s stage to a full-room experience with silhouettes, lighting effects and everyday objects magically transformed.”
Elissa Barnard, The Chronicle Herald

“…with the fresh breath and imagination of LoHiFi Productions’ haunting puppetry. Intricate, small-scale sets and stunning shadow-puppetry illustrate the lengthier tales Katurian tells us, and it’s an effective and electric way to bring long texts to life.”
Meghan Hubley, The Present Presence, Halifax Bloggers

What is Object Puppetry?

Objects are small pieces of culture. In Object Puppetry, you use these pieces to cast the characters in your story - a bottle of white-out is an unhelpful bureaucrat; a Tim Horton’s coffee cup, an RCMP officer. Learn the techniques that propel a story forward, to create fascinating, fully-formed characters and worlds. If you have stories to tell, this is a great place to start.

Why Object Puppetry?

No matter how big the idea or how sweeping the story, Object Puppetry offers you an affordable and effective means to realize it. No money? No problem. No theatre? No sweat. All you need is stuff, a flat surface, and someone to watch.
  1. Discover natural humour and insight in your stories with a ‘play-based’ approach.
  2. Sketch and troubleshoot your story ideas to later adapt into traditional theatre.
  3. Make your ideas stand out in a world choked with Power Point Presentations and flipcharts.
  4. Introduce a low-risk group problem-solving activity to your seminars.

Leave With Your Own Play

Working with Chris and Theo during this four hour workshop, participants will create their own short Object Puppet show, and perform it for the group at the end of the session.

LoHiFi Productions- Awards

  • 2009 - Grandma Noda’s Tigers - Robert Merritt Award for Outstanding New Play by a Nova Scotian Author
  • 2013 - Broken Johnny - Best Puppet Short at the Puppets on Film Festival, hosted by Little Angel Theatre in London, England

Recent LoHiFi Performances

  • 2015 - The Pillowman (The Bus Stop Theatre)
  • 2014 - The Hazmasters (Nocturne); Giant Hypo Eyes 2 (CNS Gala)
  • 2013 - Burnwater (East Dover); Giant Hypno Eyes 1 (Nocturne)
  • 2012 - Epic in a Box (touring house show); Giant Jellyfish on Citadel Hill (Nocturne)


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