Hardboiled - Photo by Brent McCombs/AlterEgo photography
Photo by Brent McCombs/AlterEgo photography
HARDBOILED - A Sal Dali Crime Tale
By Theo Pitsiavas
October 29, 2015 - November 8, 2015
The Waiting Room Theatre, Halifax, NS
Directed by Lohifi
Starring Theo Pitsiavas and Christopher Little
Sound and Lighting Design by Johnny Cann
Costumes by Lisa Hamilton

What would it look like if the inimitable Salvador Dali had to solve a crime?

"Halifax actor-puppeteers Chris Little and Theo Pitsiavas of LoHiFi Productions work their own peculiar magic to create a hilarious, oddball 80-minute show that depicts what would happen if surrealist painter Salvador Dali were a detective in 1950s New York City. This delightful show is a journey into an imaginary world of play where anything can happen. Bananas can sing, ants can box, grasshoppers can forge art." "Little and Pitsiavas are skilled at lo-fi multimedia, inventive puppetry, miniature set building, Alice in Wonderland scale-bending and character acting." - ELISSA BARNARD - The Chronicle Herald - Read the full review.

Photo by Brent McCombs/AlterEgo photography
The Pillowman
By Martin McDonagh 
Produced by Fuller Terrace Five
March 2015, Bus Stop Theatre, Halifax, NS
Directed by Natasha MacLellan
Starring Jackie Torrens, Theo Pitsiavas, Mary-Colin Chisholm, and Matthew Lumley
Featuring the puppetry of LoHiFi Productions

Set in a mythical totalitarian state, Pillowman follows a writer of surreal stories that feature children coming to nasty, fairytale-like ends. When a series of murders that echo those stories take place in the writer's hometown, the writer is hauled in by the police for questioning.

In this critically acclaimed production, several stories are chillingly brought to life through ‘toy theatre’ and shadow puppetry’ developed by LoHiFi and performed by the cast.

Courtesy of Creative Nova Scotia

Broken Johnny
An installation at Art. Awards. Celebration. 

On the evening of October 26, guests at Creative Nova Scotis's 2012 awards gala stepped back in time to a 1920s Halifax Nickelodeon to watch a silent Western. While the epic film’s story unfolded, two inventors operated a unique sound system with emphatic precision. The sounds accompany the powerful action of the film brought visceral emotion to the experience.

Nocturne Jellyfish 2012
Photo by Ralph Saulnier
When the Ocean Becomes the Sky
A clandestine Nocturne event.

On Saturday, October 13, 2012, the air and water merged above Citadel Hill allowing giant dwellers of the deep to briefly pay their respects to the land. For miles around, travelers visiting art installations for Halifax’s Nocturne Festival could look up to see this watery spectacle high above them, where the ocean meets the sky.

Threatre in your living room.
Photo by Ulrich Lobsiger
Epic in a Box
Written and performed by Theo Pitsiavas and Christopher Little.

The most epic theatrical production you have ever seen pulled from a tiny metal box. This show has everything: adventure, romance, bravery, treachery and evil beavers. This show was designed to be performed in almost any room at a table surrounded by up to 25 people. Remember, many hands make light work.

From 2011 to 2012, this show toured living rooms and other non-traditional theatre spaces around Halifax.

Photo by Christian Stalley
Grandma Noda’s Tigers
Written by Christopher Little and Regina FitzGerald
Directed by Theo Pisiavas
Performed by Christopher Little

Hiro Noda had a big problem. His apartment building needed more parking. His stereo shop needed more storage. Things were piling up and tempers were getting frayed. If only his grandmother would move into the beautiful new apartment he made for her on the top floor. If only he could knock down her tattered little house and pave it over. One weekend while his Grandma was out of town Hiro took matters into his own hands. Did I mention her house was full of giant tigers? Anyway, things went badly from there.
  • 2010 Super Nova Theatre Festival, Halifax, NS
  • 2010 Uno Fest, Victoria, BC

Grandma Noda was developed and staged in cooperation with The Irondale Ensemble Project, Canada, which also created its own, live action version on the Halifax commons in 2003.

Irondale and the BusStop Theatre originally produced the current version of the play in 2008 which went on to appear at The Little Red School House in Peggy`s Cove and the Ship`s Company Theatre Festival.