About Us

Since 2009, Halifax’s LoHiFi has been crafting theatre, film, and performance art that draws audiences into richly detailed worlds. Whether it’s an epic journey across a card table, a 40-foot glowing jelly fish swimming across the night sky, or Salvador Dali as a hardboiled detective in love with a singing banana, Chris Little and Theo Pitsiavas flip our understanding of the familiar to create surprise and spectacle.


2016 - Hardboiled - A Sal Dali Crime Tale was nominated for nine Robert Merritt Awards winning Outstanding Set Design (Tony Owen, Theo Pitsiavas, Christopher Little) Outstanding New Play by a Nova Scotian (Theo Pitsiavas) and Outstanding Performance by a Male Actor in a Supporting Role (Christopher Little).

2013 - Our short film Broken Johnny - Showdown at Inmicondo Canyon was unanimously voted Best Puppet Short by the jury of The Little Angle Theatre's Puppets on Film Festival in London, UK.

2009 - Grandma Noda’s Tigers (originally produced by The Irondale Ensemble and The BusStop Theatre) was nominated for three Merritt Awards winning Outstanding New Play by a Nova Scotian.

LoHiFi logo by Rob Plowman.