Hump's Gym at Argyle Fine Art

If you are strolling Barrington Street take a look in the big windows at Argyle Fine Art. There you will find Hump's Gym, our automated holiday insect boxing automaton. We originally created Hump's as a puppet theatre for our award winning stage production of Hard Boiled: A Sal Dali Crime Tale, Hump's Gym. For this year's Nocturne Festival, we added servos and a micro controller to allow our intrepid insects to train and spar all by themselves. For Argyle Fine Art, we added a roof, holiday decorations and even more animated bugs to bring our gym to life.

Hump’s is animated by 11 servos of various types and sizes. A servo is a small motorized device that can rotate to a specific position based on an electronic signal. For this, we used an 18 channel Mini Maestro Servo Controller from Pololu. The real challenge for us was developing ways to attach these servos to our insect characters, some of which were originally created to be rod puppets. For some, like our heavy hitting ladybug we simply attached the puppet to a Lazy Susan under the floor then used the servo to spin it back and forth. To help our power lifting ant lift strait, we attached a servo to the laser carousel from an old PC CD drive. Come on in during business hours to see other ways we turned mechanical motion into character movement.

Thanks to Tony Owen for his amazing set and puppet painting.

Hump's postcards and pins make great holiday stocking stuffers!

We thank Argyle Fine Art for allowing us to present our insect diorama in the heart of downtown.
Hope you can drop by and have a look!