Edmonton's Theatre Yes Invites LoHiFi to Contribute to Their Anxiety

Anxiety by Theatre yes

LoHiFi joins theatre companies from across Canada in a Unique Theatrical Eperiment.

Are you in Edmonton? 

Do you enjoy crazy-pants pan-Canadian site-specific performance art? (We sure do.) 

We are very pleased to have been invited by Theatre Yes to contribute a ten-minute chapter to their ambitious production of Anxiety playing now in Edmonton until December 4th. You will remember Theatre Yes from their last cross-Canadian theatre experiment, The National Elevator Project.

Their latest effort also includes contributions from five outstanding independent theatre companies from across Canada.

Each company was sent an object of inspiration as well as some mysterious instructions to get them started. We were given an old-fashioned metronome. 

These short works are sewn together by an erie yet captivating story by playwright Cat Walsh brought to life by the Theatre Yes ensemble.

It has been a great pleasure for us to travel to Edmonton and work with this diverse and talented group of artists including an outstanding technical team that went over and above to help us all bring our oddball stories to life. 

We thank them all, especially Heather Inglis for inviting us to join in this unique and challenging creation.

Hope you can make it!

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