EPIC IN A BOX - Theatre in your living room.

What if, instead of catering for your next party, you ordered a play? Lohifi Productions will continue to bring EPIC IN A BOX to living rooms across the province.

This delightful 40-minute show is performed right in your living room. The audience sits around a table with actors Theo Pitsiavas and Christopher Little as they weave the largest most epic theatrical production possible from objects drawn from a small tin box. Comedy, adventure, romance, heroism and villainy are all played out in a delightfully innovative style that you and your guests will never forget.

“When I was eight, my brother showed me an old tin box that he kept behind a board in his wall,” says Little. “It was filled with tiny plastic figures, decoder rings, metal swords and other objects I didn’t recognize. There were even fire crackers for a touch of danger. By the time I found the box years later, most of the contents were gone. I have been filling it ever since with my own objects and waiting for a chance to share with others that sense of wonder my brother had shared with me.”

Epic Update: EPIC IN A BOX is now closed. Huge thanks to all the generous hosts and adventurous guests who have joined us around our table over the last fourteen months.